Semalt Expert: How To Scrape Data with UiPath

Websites and blogs are built with XHTML and HTML, they contain a wealth of useful information in the image and text forms. A web scraper is an Application Programming Interface (API) that extracts data from different sites. Companies like Google and Amazon provide dozens of web scraping tools to get your work done. UiPath is far better and more useful than any other web scraping technique or service. It automatically logs into your site, scrapes data, and transforms it into JSON or CSV form. Structured data is presented in a predictable pattern. UiPath is one of the most famous and powerful tools that not only scrapes data but also organizes and structures it in a scalable form.

Scrape data with UiPath:

Step 1:

Click on this

Step 2:

UiPath will automatically detect the individual elements with their unique values.

Step 3:

The next step is to select a scraping method and allow UiPath to perform its functions.

Step 4:

If the data is partially scraped, click on the Continue button to continue scraping and save your data. UiPath will save the extracted information in its own database or download it to your hard drive for offline uses.

UiPath provides the most intuitive and feature-rich automation development environment for its users. It is equipped with great features that can facilitate your work. Once downloaded and activated, UiPath will record your data and scrape it in a suitable format within a few seconds.

Machine learning technology:

One of the most distinctive features of UiPath is its machine learning technology and user-friendly interface. It is created to provide accurate and error-free data and deliver fastest results. UiPath enhances business performance and is easy-to-use. It allows you to build your intellectual property online and extracts data from PDF documents, JPG files and HTML documents.


UiPath is an extensible tool that allows us to automate the intricate processes that otherwise couldn't be covered. Its library of built-in templates helps you perform multiple tasks at a time. You have complete freedom to design your custom projects. With UiPath, you can perform multiple tasks at a time and scrape as many web pages as possible.

Extraordinary features:

With UiPath, it is easy to manage the virtual workforce, automate business process and generate more leads on the net. You can install this software on your computer or mobile devices and manage everything in one place.

High-level security:

UiPath ensures your complete protection and security on the internet. Once the data is scraped, this tool will save it in its own database and won't allow anyone to access the information without your permission. Its TSL 1.2 protocol ensures spam protection. UiPath is great to scrape data from e-commerce sites. This tool compares pricing information and product details, getting you desired results in a matter of seconds. It is suitable for programmers, startups and web developers and helps generate more leads on the web.

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